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Problem getting Full trust and ending trophies


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Hey guys, like the title says, i have been having issues getting the full trus in all followers trophy and the good ending trophy, i have restarted the game from scratch 2 times already ( deleted everything from this game) and these 2 trophies simply will not unlock for me
Do you guys have any ideias how to get around this?

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Hi. I don't remember right now, but when you find all the characters and invite them to join your base camp, over time you should get a message on the monitor that some of them want to talk to you. You have to reach out to them and listen to all their conversations. Try to pass the time. I got this trophy without even thinking about it, as I explored the whole map and often came and went from the field. I hope it will be useful to you.

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Hey Keyser, yeah i raised all the trust levels to max for all 8 followers the problem is always waiting for Tua to showup, i talk to everyone, get their trust to max (have the talk to them and they reach catharsis) with everyone..........but the trophy simply will not pop.
that and the good ending trophy, i only got the bad ending because i couldnt button mash to save my life, then tried to get the good ending but the trophy never popped, i saw someone say to watch the credits to see if i would get it there and nothing, then read up on a post saying that i most likely had to start a new game from scratch , did all the memories and the wolves trophy, since apparently you cant ride the sled with six wolves and hope that all the sled related trophies pop you have to ride the sled with the exact wolf count for each trophy to unlock, but thats another gripe with the game i had
i started from zero 2 more times , no previous life upgrade , nothing but these 2 trophies just wont unlock

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Ok Guys , After a period of time i decided to go back to the game, after getting all followers to max trust including Tua , (not visiting the shuttle) the trophy still did not pop..........i remembered that some of the trophies for me took sometime to unlock ( looking at the six wolves trophy)i decided to get Tua into my expedition and WALK ALL THE WAY TO THE LAST OUTPOST ( starting from homebase) ....still no trophy , call the sled and start going to homebase ( hilarious enough the sight of Tua sitting on the sled was gold for me) and the trophy for max trust just pops after a 1 minute of riding the sled............. this is the 4th trophy that popped for me that had the sled involved
Then .....the good ending trophy..........it took me a few good tries and a restart soft restart, backing the save before the shuttle) made sure i got re-watched all the memories ( after just blasting throught the map and getting the wood and food resource nodes and all 4 static follower events , just sat on the camp for a while until i looped all memories twice.......(not taking any chances)
did a seperate backup and finished the game with the good ending.....got the trophy for the good ending .......but not the trophy for both endings.........so ad to go back and get the bad ending 3 times .........3 $%&# times and the trophy popped and the platinum

After a litany of insults and retarded levels of stubbornness for not giving up on the platinum.....(which is my fault for not giving up), all i can say is
you are Getting any issues with the trophies popping ? go for a ride on the sled, backup before going to the cargo ship and a seperate backup before the shuttle , IF you arent has unlucky has me

Cheers Guys and Happy new year

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