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Video Guides for Pt trophy


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Prototype is a Sci-fi 3rd person shooter where you play through a mutant filled New York City, you have to avoid both the mutants and the police as you play through missions and events to uncover the story and solution. The game itself is quite difficult and can take upwards of 50 hours to complete, i would advise trying to complete the events on easy difficulty after finishing the game as the upgrades really help to improve the abilities of your character. 


Throughout the game you unlock a number of events in four categories, Kill Events, Glide Events, Movement Events and War Events, i found a really good series of guides for the Pt trophy, this trophy is awarded for gaining a platinum medal on all the events in the four categories, the videos are split into 3 for kill event, movement and glide events together and war events:


Kill events video:

The main objective is to kill as many people as possible in the required time using either a given weapon or a weapon of your choice depending on the event. These events can be very hard to complete without fully upgrading your character, i would suggest playing the events to get a medal as this will help you upgrade quicker. 


Movement and Glide Events Video:

Movement events require you to run between two points with checkpoints in between, the main challenge is the very tight time and the less than precise controls, you will need to be fully upgraded in movement to achieve the platinum medals, more than other events movement events are slightly down to luck with whether the waypoint triggers. Glide events require you to jump off a tall building and land in the middle of a target, the target for platinum is very small and will take a number of tries to complete. 


War events video:

War events are like the kill events but you have to defeat the other team before the defeat you, your teammates are not a lot of help and it will be pretty much down to you to kill everyone on the opposing team, vehicles do help with these events but you have to be careful as friendly fire will kill your team mates. 


Hope these videos help :)

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