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October's PS+ Games announced - Hell Let Loose, Mortal Kombat X, PGA TOUR 2K21


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2 hours ago, RedDevil757 said:

So it's not negative to complain about free games every month? There's nothing wrong with the service. You pay for the servers, the discounts and the online storage. The games are given as a bonus to sweeten the deal.

It seems some like yourself just think you're paying for the games. If you aren't happy and you don't play online then don't sub it's simple.

You have no idea what I think, so quit with the bullshit.


And you still haven’t answered my question: who cares whether people are happy or not with the games? Why does it matter? There are months I don’t like games, and there are months I do. But each and every month, the only people that get attacked for their view are the ones who don’t like the offered games.


Why can’t people blow off steam about shit they don’t like?  Why are these strawmans of “entitlement” and “free games” trotted out every month that people express dislike for the current offerings?


My God - you’d think someone slapped your infirm mother out of a wheelchair or something.

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