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October's PS+ Games announced - Hell Let Loose, Mortal Kombat X, PGA TOUR 2K21


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Hell Let Loose appears to be a 50v50 multiplayer tactical shooter. I can’t find much detail about a campaign. Does seem to have positive reviews on Steam. Already has DLC. None of this sounds appealing.


The PS4 games are pretty poor offerings. One is golf and the other already a freebie.

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Figured Hell Let Loose was gonna be PS+. It was listed as "Free" on the PSApp Store for the past week. Will certainly play it to get me into the Battlefield mood since that got delayed. I have a few friends who will love PGA as well, not my cup of tea but I'll play it with them regardless.

Mortal Kombat I'm all set with though.

2/3 - Good month!

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45 minutes ago, sk_lp_him said:

Trash month. With every passing weak month I'm get more convinced not to renew next summer.


9 minutes ago, PooPooBlast said:

My subscription ended on September 18. Thought to myself I hardly play online unless it's a trophy requirement so I didn't care much. 


Then this comes along and makes me glad I didn't renew. 


Exactly. There is NOTHING worth a PS Plus subscription whatsoever. "Free Plus games".. yeah, because they're always so amazing. What a joke. "Exclusive game sales"... that one makes me chuckle as these "exclusive sales" are the exact same sales we see on the same exact games over and over again anyway for non Plus members, lol. Who actually falls for this crap? Plus is nothing more than a cash grab that has exploited the online popularity for profit. Just like you, Sir Poo Blaster, I only ever subscribe to this worthless service if there's a game I want to platinum that has this online crap, though I do try to avoid these types of games as much as I can. 

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42 minutes ago, saiyanbloodstyle said:

Would like MK X to be a free upgrade to PS5.....Most likely won't.

Golf? Not for me, hell let loose looks interesting if it has a story mode and isn't online only.

I think you are thinking of MK 11. MK X was PS4 only. Yes - they are giving us the 5 yr old MK game, not the most recent one.

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Disappointing month again. For 12 months it definitely still good value over paying monthly. Cloud Saving is faster than sticking a USB and having to access save data management.


Past few months have been meh. Sick of Online Games.



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