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October's PS+ Games announced - Hell Let Loose, Mortal Kombat X, PGA TOUR 2K21


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Would be a bad month… so it’s probably true.

2 hours ago, sk_lp_him said:

If this was weekly and actually free like Epic's free games I wouldn't whine at all but the only good thing about plus is the cloud storage. Their "free" games are mostly shit. There are like 20% that are good but I usually already own them.

What makes the only good part about + worse is that Steam has free cloud saves.


An even better example is another console manufacturer, unlike Valve who is mostly software, Microsoft has unlimited *free* cloud saves for Xbox.

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19 minutes ago, CrimsonVoidGX said:

Hey MKX might be cool, Looks at MKX trophy list, sees a 10 ranked win streak BRONZE trophy, leaves...

 There's a trick to it. You can upload your game save to the PS plus cloud after each win. If you lose, you close out of the game, download your save file from the PS Plus server and try again :)  

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Yeah, couldn't care less about HLL (don't really play Multiplayer) and already own MKXL (MKX is included with PS+ Collection for PS5 as well so ?‍♂️) and couldn't give a crap about PGA though I've been seeing my cousin playing it so there's that I guess? Could join him ?


I'd be more pissed but then I remember that I basically NEVER play these games anyway (I do add them to the list) shit just this month alone I've got Switch OLED with Metroid Dread CE, Alan Wank ?, Crysis Trilogy Remastered and 2 or 3 other games I'm blanking on (no to mention finishing Kena and still need to beat Judgement to get to Lost Judgement which just launched... Also finally ordered a copy of Yakuza 7 so that too) so no real loss if these "Free" games aren't all that good ?

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