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Is Black ops 2 not platinumable anymore?


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There's one trophy called "Big Leagues" which is for winning 5 league games after being plqced in a division.Now,ive been placed in a division but no matter how many games i win my stats do not show anything other than "career wins: 1" . This is not ******* funny...ive been told the reason i cant get the trophy is because the league seasons have ended and there is no way to rank up in league play anymore.Can anyone confirm this? Is it really possible that a game that came out only a year ago,especialy a COD game, is already unplatinumable?

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I've gone into some league play about a few weeks ago and really at this point it depends on the amount of people on league play at the time. So now, it is sort of based upon luck for this trophy. I do have an idea for this though: see if you can get a big boosting session going. The more people you have in there, the more likely you will get into a match.

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