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Soverign of eggs help


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This trophy is not unlocking for me! I have counted having 60 eggs following me at one point but still no trophy.


I have done runs with 5 items banned and runs with no items banned. I have done runs on easy and runs on hard. I have done runs with Ming and I have done runs with other characters. I have done runs with limited eggs option turned on and runs with it turned off.I have never input a seed code. 


I am getting very frustrated to think that I have managed to unlock abysmal difficulty but this trophy is what's going to stop me from the platinum.


I am looking for some solution that I haven't thought of yet as to why it's not unlocking and would like to hear some detailed experiences of others getting this trophy.

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Hey im one of the Authors to the trophy guide for this game, and after a bit of digging and getting in touch with some people on the Official discord for this game it appears that this trophy has become Extremely buggy and potentially even unobtainable (although there is no confirmation on the latter)

one strategy that seems to have mixed results is to use Ming and just cancel every egg from hatching and then hope and pray.

another strategy that worked for a single person was getting the item called Owl headdress and lemon jelly (owl headdress gives an egg for each jump without landing and lemon jelly gives a jump for each egg you have) in other words it is an infinite jump combo and infinite egg combo (as long as you don't land)

i am going to edit my guide to reflect this and i hope you get the trophy


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I appreciate the help. However as I stated at the top, the issue isn't getting the eggs but getting the trophy to pop. I've been able to physically count 60 eggs following me on a particular run. That run was on easy, with 5 times banned and having the limit of number of eggs as off. 


I'm wondering if there are certain HIDDEN setting the lock you out from getting trophies.


But I still appreciate the assistance and will try those methods as well.

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not sure if you will see this, or if you still care about this game, but I edited the guide to now include a workaround for obtaining this trophy although, like the other methods I cannot guarantee its success, I did get it to unlock on an alt account although that doesn't mean it will work for sure. Just check out the trophy description section for more info.

i wish you luck

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I was able to get the trophy without reducing the Version to 1.0. I tried out the solution from Wolly Wampa (shout out to him) at Trueachievements. He descripted it pretty good and after following the steps my trophy popped. I can only add to get the blessing for reduce shop prices to be able to buy more items in one try. Other then that it is really some RNG you need to go through with this.


Quote from Wolly Wampa:


"for anyone who is still interested in this achievement and can't get it to work i managed to get it yesterday after trying a bunch of different methods.
Here is what worked.
Firstly ,you need to have unlocked the cube that appears randomly in the shop to refresh the items for sale.
Play on easy difficulty and try to gather as many coins as possible in the first few levels ,only spend them on something that will make it easier to accumulate more coins as you play.
The exceptions being "lipstick" which replenishes the shop and "firecrackers".
If you get the lipstick item early great as that means you will only need one shop later with the throw-able cube, if not you will need two.
Once you have plenty of coins (i'd recommend at least 300) you want the shop on the level to have the throw-able cube,keep re-rolling the shop items until you get the "frostfire gun and the "firecrackers"
If you don't get these items before your coins run out you can quit to menu then continue from start of level and try again until you do.
Once you have frostfire and firecrackers together you can now start to accumulate the eggs.
In one of the larger combat rooms leave a creature alive at one side, move away so you don't kill it and start generating items with the frostfire/firecarackers combo.
Pick up all the eggs that appear (you will fill up on everything else too,especially more coins),I picked up at least 200 eggs.
Now that you have a huge trail of eggs head back to the shop with the cube (if you had the lipstick item),if not continue on to next levels where hopefully the shop will have another cube.
Use the cube again until the "double yokes" item appears,buy it and apply and hopefully the achievement will pop.
If you get to the stage where you have all the eggs and need a second shop with a cube but it doesn't appear ,quit to menu and continue from level start and go back to shop until the cube is there ,i think it's random each time if the cube is there or not."

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