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There were 3 skill books I had trouble finding by the end of the game, this being:

1.The Loyal Dog of Bushu

2.Unofficial VR Strategy Guide 2021(Append) 

3.Excerpts of a True Crane



1. I found at the intersection of W Tsurukame Hwy. and Isobe Lane, near the Citron Mahjong parlour (I have a short video for this I shall link) 

2. I found around the outskirts of Kamuro Hills in Kamurocho, its close to the hotel district in the North of the city

3. You get this book by completing of the the Gauntlet battles from the main menu. You want to complete the mission called "Air Yagami", you have 5 minutes to defeat a group of enemies, only attacks from midair count so you must use L1 and square or triangle to attack them, it's not that hard to do. When you complete it the Skill book will be sent to the delivery box outside Yagami Detective Agency or Yokohama 99






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