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Creating new local profile to obtain glitched trophies?


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I am currently unable to complete the dlc trophies for a game called maneater, due to them being notoriously glitched. I even tried deleting my save and starting from scratch to no avail. Unfortunately, this has made it impossible to maintain a 100% completion. However, I have heard that they will unlock on a fresh profile. My question is, if I was able to unlock them on a new local profile, would I be able to sync them to my current account and what would happen to trophies that are already unlocked on my psn but not the local and vice versa? Thanks

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You can do this for offline games, but not online games. You create a guest account and decline to sign into psn. Then you can earn the trophies. When you eventually sign it in, the trophies sync to your account. It will keep the earliest timestamp so you won't run into issues with that. I do this pretty regularly to help people with the VR trophies in Concrete Genie. 

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