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Trophies may be glitched on PS5


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Hey all, just a PSA.

Some trophies may be glitched or not popping on PS5, at least this happened to me.


I had played a level a day for more than a week (including weekends, even though it's not necessary for the trophy) and it didn't pop. Also, I had completed all objectives in Gouda and nothing.

I plugged everything back to the PS4 to test things out there and after playing a level in Gouda, both trophies popped... so the game was keeping track of the days I had been playing, but the trophies did not pop when they should on PS5.


So maybe hold off on playing this game on the PS5? Let me know if you're having a similar experience...

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3 hours ago, MikeCheck-- said:

Ugh, that's a shame. Good thing you found a work around! How are you finding the game otherwise? 


I haven't played much yet... I have to play for a whole month anyway, so I'm taking things slow.

It's fun, but looks like it could become repetitive fast though. I'm literally playing one or two levels a day so I haven't reached that point yet, but unless there's some surprise later on, I can see it becoming boring for some people.

Each level has several challenges that spice things up a bit, and the multiplayer can be quite chaotic.


I'll let you know my thoughts when I'm closer to the end ;)


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