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Your Playstation Goals for next year?


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Platforming/100% all games I receive for Christmas (inFAMOUS, inFAMOUS 2, inFAMOUS Festival of Blood, Skyrim w/DLC, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, and Splinter Cell Trilogy HD) along with Batman Arkham: Origins and Minecraft.

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I was setting goals for 2014 some days ago...great thread.


Hum..let's see...


- Reach 50 plats

- Reach level 20

- Beat all my physical games (this is the more important)


Online goals :


- Reach lvl 60(X) on Uncharted 2 (again)

- Reach lvl 45 on Killzone 3

- Reach lvl 60 on Resistance 3

- Reach lvl 200 on The Last of Us 

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Beside Platinum hunting, I'm going to try to play games that I missed out within the ps2 era that are now remade and remastered. That and try to get 100% on PSN trophy list. 


That and keep trying new interesting game that I haven't tired yet. Borderland 2 is prime example. So im going hunt down for the original soon :P

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Great thread Toast! 


I'd like to hit 55 platinum trophies. I think that's slightly ambitious, but what I've learned in life is to always set your goals high. I'd also like to hit 3,500 trophies. As for my completion I really don't care where it goes. I suppose I prefer it to generally always be increasing. Maybe I'll say 60% average completion...? The reason I like to stay away from completion goals is because then I feel like I will stop playing games for enjoyment, and more just for the trophies. Which wouldn't be good! 

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