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Your Playstation Goals for next year?


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This time next year (Next X-Mas), I want to be on 80 Plats :D The least 60 xD In terms of completion rate, I couldn't give two shits about it. The Platinum trophy is enough for me to stay proud :) I also want to begin to Platinum the rest of my Vita Games backlog except Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 which is not possible to Plat at all. And I will not be doing Mortal Kombat for Vita. 300 Hours is just too much O.o Besides that, finally also quite wait to get a new Vita this X-Mas and play Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster on my Vita! :)


DOOM 3 BFG will be my 50th Plat, as of right now I'm working on the Nightmare Difficulty based trophies! It will also be my second proudest Plat, right next to Max Payne 3  ;)

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Considering my workload for 2014 and some forecast-ed business travels back and forth Regionally.
I'll be more realistic in this reply.


i. First of all. Get myself a shiny PS4  B) 

ii. Reach at least Level 13 PSN.

iii. Add 4 more Plats.

iv. And most of all had a Freakin' good time playing and switching between PS3 and PS4.

....ohw....and atleast hit that 75% completion rate..  :D 


Hopefully if the time permits... "I" should be easy though.... but "II-V" may prove to be a challenge...

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I'm going to try and hit level 20 next year, get up to 60% completion, and get at least 30 100% completed games(going for 18 by the end of the year too!). I think I might have lofty goals, but I've only been trophy hunting for about a month and a half, and I've gotten 12 platinums and 4 trophy levels, so I'm thinking I can do it. We'll see though, I'm going to be finishing up my degree next year, so that'll likely put a dent in my gaming time for a while x_x

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This year I'd like to reach 10 - 12, get to 60% completion, and at least get 1 plat.  It's taken me a year to reach 6 with no plats but I didn't game for a looooooong stretch in the middle of the year because of a family sickness, school, and working between 40 - 45 hours a week. With so many great games coming out this year, no more classes, and the Vita to accompany me on my lunch break, I don't see that being a problem again in 2014. I at least have to have a trophy card that isn't absolutely shamed by all of your's.  My poor little 6.   :D


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I wanna stay high in the irish leaderboard since i'm currently in the top 1000....

Gonna try and plat any PS4 games I got my hands on, working on Resogun and Assassins creed 4 and looking forward to Second Son, 1886 and Destiny!

I'm gonna try and beat my platinum record for a year since I platinum'd 11 games this year, i'm gonna have a go at going back to platinum Mass Effect 2 & 3 and maybe Skyrim..

I'll never be able to get my completion into the 80% and 90% cause i have a lot of really hard games, Tom Clancy's Endwar and Red Fraction Guerrilla to name a few....

My main goal is to try out new genres since i've normally been a FPS nut, looking forward to all the cool indie games that will be out with ps plus...i'm currently loving Resogun :P

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I have several goals, but I know I won't be able to achieve them all, I'll try my best though :)


1.Reach level 17

2.Get to 40 platinums

3.Get a PS Vita (it's about time!)

4.Sneak in the Top 3000 in my country and Top 80000 worldwide

5.Get a PS4 

6.Enjoy even more than this year! ^^

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-Finish my backlog for platinums/100% on games I like

-Might Get Ys Celectia, Persona 4 Golden, Tearaway and Sengran Kagura Shinovi Versus for Vita. (If Shinovi Versus comes to the US while retail)

-Maybe get Tales of Xilla, One Piece Pirate Warriors 1 or 2, Dark Souls 2, and Persona 5

-Resist/avoid buying a PS4 next year(maybe get one 2-3 years, way too early on buying new hardware)

-Resist buying Minecraft/Terraria for PS3/Vita. (some aspects I enjoy, though there are some faulty things on these games even for PC )

-Try out new games/genres I haven't played on PS3, though keep it limited.

-Lastly enjoy the new games I get myself into...   I'm afraid to jump into new territory.  Can't play them all with limited time :(   

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