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Your Playstation Goals for next year?


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Get to 70% completion rate, finish backlog of games which I think I would like but missed on ps3 (e.g. heavy rain, TLOU, farcry 3, AC III), then get a PS4.


The problem with setting platinum targets is that you end up playing games you dont like then when a game comes out that you do like, the other games sit at the bottom of your trophy list with very low completion...then going back to complete those games years later is even more painful.

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  • Earn a total of 100 or a minimum of 85 :platinum: trophies (currently at 63)
  • Earn a total of 5000 trophies
  • Reach PSN Level 25
  • Reach Top 1000 within the United States

I think all of the above will come simply by meeting the first goal, which seems ambitious given my track record of 20-25 :platinum: 's a year (started trophy hunting in March of 2011). But, considering I've been in Afghanistan these last three years and will not be for 2014, I think that may provide some opportunities to complete games I couldn't due to internet and/or online restrictions.

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* 35 Plats

* Level 18 PSn Trophy Level

* 100 Gold Trophies

* Average Completion rate of at least 65%

* Get a few games out of my backlog that have been there for years (Thinking Brutal Legend, Borderlands and Bionic Commando)

*Play lots of PS+ games!

* Fun!

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I decided to add on to my unfinished goals from last year


8000 trophies (right now at 6967)

75% Completion (right now at 65.9%)

150 platinums (right now at 119)

Level 35 (right now at 32.1)

The whold Alphabet complete (Just need O, Q, Y and Z)

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so far....


- Reach Level 20

- Have 85%+ Completion Rate

- Finished GoW Series (at least Gow 1-3)

- Finished Sly Cooper Series

- Finished R&C Series

- Finished Lightning Returns (requires FFXIII-2 plat first)

- At least 1 Ultra Rare Plat

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