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Space Revenge is very quick, easy and cheap platinum. It can be done in around 15 to 20minutes following my guide. Trophies are pretty easy and straightforward for such a game. Few combat trophies, few for side quests and a few for exploring. The game is stackable, EU & NA stacks only and game is a crossbuy. You can get the game cheaper if you have a PS PLUS membership



Time to platinum: 15 to 20mins

Trophies - 12

Missable: No

Difficulty: 2/10

Playthroughs: 1

Release date: 30th September

PRICE: 10.99$

Cheaper with PS plus



00:00 Level 1 (Trophies: No Soldiers Alive,Discoverer, Healer,Grenades,Secondary,Master of Unlocking,Completionist)

02:55 Level 2 (Store, Trophies:Activator, No Spawners)

09:40 Level 3 (Trophies: Barrels, True Completionist)


01:43 Discoverer

01:46 Secondary

02:06 Master of Unlocking

02:16 No Soldiers Alive

02:35 Grenades

02:55 Completionist

03:44 Store

05:04 Healer

05:44 Activator

09:15 No Spawners

09:55 Barrels

09:58 True Completionist






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I'm disappointed with this list. YouTube vids caught my interest and I was hoping there would be more to it. It's basically just another cheap, "gimme" platinum (AKA Ratalaika-type garbage). Damn. 😒


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