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Is that game fun

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I'll copy some comments I made when finishing the game a couple of years ago:


Attractive, saturated, cel-shaded graphics running at 60 fps (PS4), smooth camera and controls, deep and satisfying combo fighting system, great soundtrack, decent Generation 1 Transformers story with the original voice actors of Optimus Prime and Megatron. It is a Platinum Games/Activision release and unfortunately only available on disc now.


You haven't truly lived until you've played as Grimlock and executed a suplex move on Megatron. 


The platinum requires multiple playthroughs as different characters, which I didn't mind at all.  The guide is well-written and very helpful in getting some of the tougher trophies.


I am not very good at fighting games (I've finished this, and Bayonetta, but I generally don't seek them out).  However this one isn't too frustrating or lengthy.

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This is one of the worst games ever created by mankind. Truly horrible team behind it. And the things I heard from the studio, oh wow. This woke stuff is invading every game known to man, platinum games only lead us to the inevitable collapse of western civilization, and I would spit in the tomb of anyone who platted this game on more than one ocassion.




Just kidding, the game is fun.

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