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Diamonds for Monster Badge


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So according to the Spheda rewards, there's a diamond in the underground channel and one in Moon Palace, but there's 3 needed for the badge monster. I've read on multiple forums that this can still be done in chapter 8 with purchased diamonds on the creature that is the same species...clearly I've used the one from early on in my playthrough lol.


can anyone who has the plat or the trophy confirm this? I see no mention of it in the trophy guide here but some older forums for the game seem to mention it. I just want to confirm before I give up on RNG of trying to hopefully find one or somehow forcing my fish to come in 2nd place which

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The monster badge for the sewer rat had an additional enemy, Ram, on there and a different item, but they are still beasts and give the same badge so to verify, I used the 3 Sturdy Rocks that would be normal for the Statue enemy in the ocean dungeon, I used them on the Living Armor which is a Variant in the Mt Gundor. I can confirm it still gave me the proper badge for Magical Creatures so I am led to believe the same will apply for the Diamond enemy and its variants.

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