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Does anyone know how to rectify this error on ps vita. Whenever I try to download a game either from the download list or through the store it pops up with this error.  I've tried activating, deactivating the account,  buying free themes, pretty much everything google has recommended.  


 When I sign in with my main account or even my alt US account I can download games as normal, it's only my alt Hong Kong account.  


Thanks in advance


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It's an error Sony is aware of and attempting to fix from what I have read in this Reddit post.



PS Vita has had a slew of issues since the start of the month. From deactivation issues, PS Plus content no longer accessible (which I'm experiencing) and in your case being unable to access your HK account.

I'm trying to find the other post I came across but your issue is affecting a lot of HK Accounts at the moment but unsure if it's affecting all or just those created outside Hong Kong.


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I ran into this problem about a week ago. I just had to keep trying until it worked. It took me about 20 tries before it finally started the download. I'd recommend searching the store for what you're trying to download and doing it that way, rather than scrolling through your download list each time. 

I imagine this is a problem created when they didn't take the stores down like planned. I'm betting they took a lot of the base framework down, then just stopped when the backlash hit. Rather than restoring it, they just left it as is, creating all these weird issues.


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