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Beyond overheating problem


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Morning all,


I bought Beyond Two Souls yesterday and after playing it for about an hour and a half my ps3 turned itself off, which was a first. It was pretty hot but didn't seem that bad after my old fat ps3.


I bought my Super Slim about 6 months ago after my old one died. After it cooled down I tried and same thing happened yet O have no been playing AC4 for a while and no issues.


Has anyone else had this problem and could it be related to Beyond itself or an issue with the ps3? Its still under warranty but I'm lazy and cant be arsed sending it away, I'm also moving country soon so not sure if I will get it back in time.




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I don't think that's a problem with the game itself... maybe you're playing too much? Or the ps3 doesn't have room to breath? (you know what i mean).


I wouldn't call playing it for 1.5 hours to much, plenty of ventilation as well and as I said never had the issue with any other game.



I didn't have any problems while playing the game...sorry  :(



Why post then?

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It is very likely that your PS3 contains a part that is not working properly. A part that may work properly with some games, but not with every latest games that have been coming out. As it happened to me in the case of GTA V, worked properly. But when placing Beyond or The Last of Us, the PS3 just froze after a few minutes turned off. I went to the Sony Tech Support for find the problem and fix it. They ended up giving me a new console to be a piece that could not be replaced.


So I recommend you do the same. Your PS3 should still be under warranty. Take your PS3 with the box containing the code of warranty, but first asks by phone if they accept your PS3 model, they not support all models. Mine was a CECH-4011B if I remember correctly.

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