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So how well is this game playable if I actually want to go for platinum in coop? Are there any problems when playing as not the host or is there a lot of stuff I need my own world for ?


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Except for the specifc trophy that requires you to host a public server for 40 in game days no it doesn't matter who is hosting as long as you did the requirement for the trophies it will pop . ( make that world password protected as random players in this game generally trolling they will join your world and burn it and leave, the trophy will still pop )

But for boss killing trophies you just need to be near the boss for the trophy to unlock and won't unlock if you miles away .


This game is fairy friendly for  trophy hunters in genral , you can " save scum" as much as you want by rolling back a few days if you f-ed up .

You can edit the world setting before starting the wrold by making it easier ( short nights , no nights , disable  spefic seasons or boss or mob if you don't need them in that world...etc )

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