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[Video] ? Platinum Walkthrough | Gleylancer


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Greylancer, el icónico juego de disparos espacial, salió en el año 1992.
La heroína de esta historia decide hacerse con un prototipo de caza e ir tras su padre desaparecido.
Prepárate para arbitre paso a disparos entre batallones de alienígenas hostiles mientras pilotas tu nave por el universo.
Equípate múltiples armas y potenciadores... y elige entre distintas formaciones opcionales para personalizar tu nave y conviértete en la fuerza de combate más temida del espacio.



  • Modos mejorados con características de accesibilidad y controles modernos.
  • Jugabilidad clásica y con profundidad shoot'em up.
  • Epopeya espacial con cinemáticas de anime.
  • Personaliza el poder de ataque de la nave.
  • Icónicos gráficos y sonido de consola retro.
  • Un gran clásico de 16 bits los 90.



Gleylancer ?

  • Estimated Difficulty: 0/10
  • Trophies: 16 Trophies.
  • Online Trophies: 0 Trophies.
  • Approximate Time: 35 Mins.
  • Missing Trophies: No (following the guide)
  • Glitch Trophies: No.
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: No.
  • Price: € 5.99
  • Different Lists: Yes. PS4 / 5 x3 (NA, EU, AS)


This is one of the easiest points that exist, that type of points where you should not do anything, just touch the controller to start the game and forget about it, since the game will do everything for you, although that does not mean that you can enjoy the game if you do not activate the functions that I will describe below.


Once we start the game we are going to go to "Options ..." -> "Gameplay ..." and in "Gameplay Mode:" we select "Cheater", this will show us two new options; "Invincible" and "Debug Menu", we put both options in "Enabled" we go back until we reach the Main Menu and we go to "Start Game" the phrase "(Cheater Mode)" should appear next to it.


Once inside the "ROM" of the game we go to "Options" and in "Game Level" we select "Easy", in "Story mode" - "Off", "Shot" - "Auto" and in "Speed" - we put level 4.


Once we are in the "Select Mover System" we select the third option "Search" this is the function of our weapons, with this selection they will automatically target the enemies and finally once we start the game we press the Options button and the option " Gunner "we put a" 2 "and in" Missile "-" ON ".


After configuring the game in this way we can leave it alone and it will get the platinum trophy for us, it is somewhat boring, but if you want you can play normally, it is always the most recommended, but these guides are to indicate the easiest way to get the trophies.

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