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Extremely fun and relaxing games!!


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So far, Fujii and Electronauts are the only two that I can place in this category! They are fun and very relaxing, not just because they are easy, but also because their gameplay was very enjoyable (especially Electronauts!!).

If you know of any others that are like this let us know. I'm tempted to put Bonfire in this category too, but it is so freaking short that I don't know (it takes 15 minutes or less to beat). And it almost plays itself, so it is not as fun as Electronauts or Fujii. Catch and Release is very relaxing too, but I got bored quickly, so it wasn't as fun, I guess... Are there any others like these??

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I just started The Deadly Tower Of Monsters, and it fits into this category. What a gem. Interesting premise. Fun gameplay. Full of personality. Not difficult at all really. It has a 2/10 here on it's guide, so the trophies seem pretty stress free. And best of all, it will keep me away from attempting the Katamari Damacy: Reroll plat.

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