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Old guides & a possible glitched trophy


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Toy Soldiers was a 2010 game for XBox Live Arcade on the 360. At the time it was even published by Xbox Game Studios. Fast forward 11 years and we have a remastered edition with many of the same trophies. About two thirds of the list are the exact same from the 360 achievements list and the other third look to be dedicated to the new levels introduced in this edition. It was 8-10 hour completion then and longer now with the new content. It’s an oldie but goodie so guides already exist:

Guide 1

Guide 2

Video walkthrough of levels

(All credit goes to the authors and creators)

About the glitch I encountered. Either they changed the requirements of Pickled Monkey (win a multiplayer match on every level) or it is glitched. Previously this could be obtained locally with two controllers, by playing online, or a mixture. I tried the local split screen of all levels twice but no trophy. First time I changed the goal setting for shorter matches and the second time I left it at the default. The reason I think it might be glitched is the level Guise is buggy. The toy boxes (bases) are switched. Luckily both toy boxes count damage for you but it’s messed up and could be affecting the trophy. With every trophy name and description being the exact same as the original achievements, it would be odd to change up one. Nobody has earned it yet so I’m going to keep an eye on it and see if it changes.


Lastly, if you liked Toy Soldiers, they’re supposed to be remastering the sequel too, Toy Soldiers: Cold War. No release date yet. Personally I found that one even better and more fun than the original.

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