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On 10/26/2021 at 0:57 PM, Kishnabe said:



Thanks to @sirozha_ for the method.


1.) Have an agent is possible that boost Tournament Coin Earned (Level 1 8% at least)


2.) Start either a Level 5 (2000 Coins Minimum Final Match) or Level 6 (3000 Coins Minimum Final Match) event.


3.) Reach the Final, and Save/Exit before Championship Point in your Favor/Favour.


4.) Note that Bonus Coins have been applied when you save and exit, If you close app (Bonus Coins would be lost).  Sadly Bonus Coins don't work with this trick. 


5.) Backup Career File (The one with your Player name) to a USB Drive/PS+ Cloud.


6.) Finish match now, Exit to Main Menu. 


7.) Download Save, Finish Match.


8.) Repeat X amount of times till you get the coins you need.




 You can buy items through MyPlayer. 


If you have one Male or Female at level 30, then you can create the other Gender through Myplayer (Buy all equipment on the right tab and no need to finish creating character). 


The Level Restricted Items would be unlocked in create player mode since you have one at level 30.


Once you create the character, back to level restriction. 





This is fucking a god send, gotten 200k coins in under 2 hours definitely motivated me to go back and 100% the game. I was needing 600k and now I need 400k, so I'm happy


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Posted (edited)

I used this method and finally I got the platinum.


If you do this method in 6 stars  tournament final, it gave me interestingly 3000, secondly 4000 each time.

Thank your for this great method. 👏 


( the money I needed was 700,000 coins so that it is very tedious to repeat this method hundreds of times, but it is the most advantageous in terms of time.



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