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[Video] Last one standing trophy solo easy fast


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This is the hardest trophy in the game, if you are lucky you might take this trophy in one of the matches; But this is almost impossible, There are two ways to get this trophy 1. Take this trophy alone 2. Take this trophy with a team of 10 people Both ways will be explained Way 1 This method works 100%, if you do not succeed the first time, try again. This method can be a bit confusing :) Start a siege training match , the map does not matter Make sure you are the only player in the game, if not, quit and try again Choose sky champion(It can be done with other champions as well) After the start 1. Be sure to fully charge your ultimate and keep it for round 2 2. Let the opposing team win 3. Choose the following 3 skills, kill to heal, life rip and nimble After the first round, you have to prepare your ultimate for round 2, now the hard part starts, go to the capture location with the horse and the team Wait before you reach the place, let the opposing team kill your team, if your team goes 4 to 5, it will surely lose, after the last member of your team dies, use your ultimate, , Drop the sky bomb(withTriangle) in the middle of the enemies, note that you have to act very fast, after dropping the bomb in the middle of the enemies( do not worry about being damaged because when the bomb explodes, your life is full if you have kill to heal) Usually have 1 or 2 bots from the opposing team are front line, the front lines survive after the bomb explodes, watch out for them, after the bomb is exploded if someone survives, kill it, if you were fast enough you are the only person who is alive in the match and the trophy will pop up. Now it is the turn of the second way Way 2 In this method, the map is important, you must choose a map that has a place to fall and you should have a team of 10 people( 2 squad of 5 people) You have to play on a low player server , the leaders of both squads must start the game at the same time Now, if all goes well you should be in a match with each other, make sure that the map must have a place to fall down, if not all members of the group must Exit and try again, if you are in a same match It's easy .go to the edge of the place to fall , now you have to bring down 9 of your members, the one who survives will get a trophy, repeat this until all the members of the group get the trophy.

Here is the video link for the first way


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