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A Quiet Place (2022)


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“The first official video game based on Paramount Pictures’ terrifying blockbuster film franchise.

Experience a new untold story of survival in the A Quiet Place universe.

Coming 2022”


This is a nice surprise, a rare video game from a horror movie franchise. Not much else to go off besides that tweet and a basic barebones official website. Published by Saber Interactive, the team behind World War Z and the upcoming Evil Dead video game and developed by an external studio.

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I don't to burst people's thoughts/ bubbles with movie tie ins or anything but the whole idea of monsters that react to sound and so on it can be done well but it more likely will fail as it is easy to mess it up very easily. it is like the idea of making a video game of Signs. It can be piss easy to beat the monsters if your character has a brain and is not being the hopeless dum ass in all horror/ movie history/ plot beats and so on.

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