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I didn't intend on autopopping anything other than the 3 insurgency leader trophy as that was a bit of a pain and ended up getting 3 trophies at once so I decided to test the "soft autopop" on this game, similarly to watch dogs legion if you transfer your save and complete the requirement again or repeat an action once the affiliated trophy will pop. Not every trophy in FC6 can be done this way but these are the ones I did: 


I did this using the insurgency FND base where the leader was located. 


Again using the Insurgency FND base, I'd done all the main game ones but as this reset the base it counted as capturing them all. 

Finders keepers! 

Simply capture one FND resource vehicle and return it to a delivery point to pop. 

Check it out

I had many checkpoints uncaptured but I believe insurgency checkpoints also count to pop this. 

Friendly skies

Same as above but just do one more anti-aircraft gun. 

It's raining treasure! 

This one requires you to have at least one interception left to pop the trophy. 

Top of the pecking order

Simply win another cockfighting match

Speed racer

Complete another gran primo race, it's unclear whether this has to be one you haven't done before as I only did 3 on ps4 so I had loads of unfinished races but I assume replaying one will count as you can do the same one 3 times on ps4 for the trophy. 

Beginner's luck 

Win another match of dominoes. 


Complete another special operation. 

Alpha guerilla

Complete one more bandido operation, be aware these missions can take 1hr+. 

Road rage

Perform another machete kill from a horse to a car. 

Armed to the teeth

There are over 49 unique weapons so on ps4 I had the trophy early because I had weapons from the blood dragon pack and one from completing an insurgency. 

Collect one more unique weapon, if you've done the insurgency leaders then complete the insurgency and usually you'll be rewarded with a new unique weapon so this will pop as long as you already have 49 unique weapons. 

Fry cry

Just purchase one more meal. 

That's puzzling

I left one cryptograma chest on ps4 before transferring so I could save a lot of time, you can do this with the other collectible trophies but I already had those so this method is optional but is a huge time save. 

Loyal army

As I had K-9000 from the blood dragon pack I neglected to recruit Boom Boom, upon completing the side mission for him the recruit 5 amigos trophy popped, I'm assuming this works both ways, if you've done all 5 base game amigos then dlc amigos should pop the trophy but that's at your own risk. 


Pet the Croc. 🐊 

Strutting his stuff

Unequip the motherclucker outfit from Chicarrón then exit the menu, re-enter and re-equip, the trophy should pop. 

Secret weapon

Distract one more enemy with Chorizo. 

Heated conflict

You only need to kill one more enemy whilst in heat mode. 

Jawson brody

Blow up another shark. 


Just catch one more fish to pop. 

Outdated tech

I used a checkpoint for this trophy, just sabotage the alarm with the tech masters bracelet or whatever its called and let the sucker activate it. 

Oh no you don't! 

On ps4 I used the trick of killing the leader and blowing myself up, refraining from capturing the base, upon killing the insurgency leader once more the trophy popped, big headache out the way. 

Not so special

Kill one more special enemy. 

Not so tough

Throw an emp or use the emp supremo on a tank and hijack it. 

Hit 'n run

Run over one more soldier. 

Death from above

Airdrop in over enemies or fly via helicopter or plane as high as you can and use the rocket launcher to get a kill from more than 50m above, or use a sniper rifle if you're macho enough. 

Toxic influence

You just need to get one poisoned enemy to kill another, it's easier to find two enemies together and posion them both, only one can win. This trophy was a pain on ps4 so I had no regrets with this. 


Simply equip a different set of clothes. 

Do it yourself

Only works if you haven't fully upgraded every resolver weapon, which you probably haven't, I only upgraded one in the first place so had more than enough resources to fully upgrade one more on ps5. 

Glorious leader

Reaching the next rank will pop this, for me it popped when finishing the insurgency as that rewards you with boat loads of xp. 

Stay cool

Just complete the requirement again, use the parkour armour set, EXTREMELY useful for this. 

Hidden cash

Find and unlock the hidden chest in a special operation, there's a few videos for this out there, simply do it again. 

Termination phase

You need 10 runs minimum for grinding this trophy on ps4, I purposefully did 9 then uploaded just in case but I'm sure rescuing one more informant in a spec op will pop the trophy. 


That's 35 out of 54 trophies and took me no more than a couple of hours, story trophies and upgrading bases will require you to do them again, and for the life of me I couldn't get the slide 200m trophy to pop so I think that needs to be done legit again but that's no problem. The co-op partner trophy theoretically can be done on an insurgency base. You need to collect every supremo again and complete the triada blessings side mission. Hopefully this helps some people out intending to do both versions and cut their plat time significantly. 

Viva Libertad


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