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Voice of Cards trophy thoughts

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On 06/11/2021 at 3:23 AM, Unlucky_Thir13en said:

Can you point me to the Undead Treant and Dryad? 


Also, for getting the multiple endings, is it enought to simply reload the previous save file? You don't need to save or do three additional playthroughs?


Undead Treant: 3rd area barren tiles, northwest

Dryad: Bewildering Wood East, rarest enemy but not that bad


The game saves that you did the ending, gives you whatever card unlock goes with that ending, and unlocks the additional boss in the third area, but doesn't overwrite the save file. So no, you don't need to do full playthroughs for each ending.

On 06/11/2021 at 2:22 AM, TenebraZero said:

Guys i have issues with the extra story of the card player boy, how i unlock It? I have already beat him with all games and still nothing.


Talk to each of the card boys in each town.

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I messed up and bought a bunch of the rare merchant rings other than light and dark and Would Be Hero's ultimate weapon before Filthy Rich and I doubt anyone else will have an issue with it but I found out you can farm the Knight optional boss and get like 1600 gold each time

At least I've done it four times so far I dunno if there's a limit and I can burn him down real fast 

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