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Tbogt Going Deep Hidden Bomb


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1 hour ago, maisie666 said:

Heres what i did.  Put the bomb on the front  headlight, make sure you have the prompt that it is hidden.    Wait hidden in the hide spot until Ray tells you to detonate.  Detonate and finish stage.

I've done all of that. Tried waiting longer after being told to blow it, not damaging the car, backing into the spot etc. Nothing seems to work

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Just got the BOMB HIDDEN tick mark first try a couple minutes ago, i wonder what you are doing differently.  I d put on subtitles.  WHen we arrive i place the bomb on the front headlight passenger side of the car we drove in with.  Ray says "they won t find that until its too late".    Crouch next to Ray.  Detective starts yelling, Ray sayes "detonate now" and there is a prompt showing the DPAD indicating to press down on dpad to detonate.  Do so as soon as Dpad Prompt appears. then finish stage.


I was playing on unpatched GOTY version.



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