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Regarding Trophy Cards


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So I'm fairly new to using this site as a registered member and I have a few questions regarding the trophy cards. If someone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it.


What Is A Trophy Card? Is it my psnprofiles profile page?


and if so, I have customized my trophy card yet nothing has changed on my psnprofiles profile page. Is this a premium feature or have I missed something? Does it update instantly or is like game activity that updates every 24 hours?


Thanks in advance.

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6 hours ago, ScarecrowsFate said:

You can easily see them after updating your profile here. This is one of yours:



Thank you I get the gist of it now 

22 hours ago, FilmFanatic said:

A trophy card is a link to your PSNP profile that you can use anywhere. Most people use them in signatures on forums like mine below.

thank you

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