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Autopop from PS5 to PS4?

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So, I had a PS5 for a while and (ofcourse) played Miles Morales. I uploaded my save file before sending my PS5 back.

Now I finally bought one and wanted to auto pop some platinums.

It doesn't work for Spider-man remastered since I didn't upload the save file from the ps4 game.

I uploaded my Miles Morales save file (from the PS5 version) in-game so that I can download it on the PS4 version.

When I did that, nothing popped.


I wanted to ask if anyone else had tried to autopop from PS5 to PS4

I saw that it works the other way around. Maybe I did something wrong?

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Once you sync your trophies on the PS5, the newer timestamps on your PS4 won't overwrite the older ones. If you play offline on PS5 (don't sync), I'm not sure how you transfer the save without going online? Also, not syncing the initial earning of the trophies, but using a save from it, is against the leaderboard rules.

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