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Looking for Short online trophies that required ps+


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I'm looking for an short online trophies especially ps4 because I'm always run out of ps+ perhaps you guys could share one of experience, I'll update my topic each time you guys post about which games have short online trophies, Must around 1 minutes to 1 months. Platinum only matter now dlc is optional also shutdown server don't count.



-Battlefield 1

-Battlefield 5

-Battlefield 4

-Battlefield Hardline


-Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

-Borderlands 2

-Borderlands 3

-Watch Dogs 

-Watch Dogs 2

-Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

-Killing Floor 2

-Sniper Elite 4

-Burnout Paradise

-No Man's Sky

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The Borderlands games (1, TPS, 2 and 3) all have online trophies that take anywhere from a few seconds to 10mins at most to get. Journey to the Savage Planet has a few online trophies but you're only looking at 10mins max to get all of them. Killing Floor 2's online trophies will take an hour or 2 at most to get, though certain ones can sometimes glitch in a good way and pop early. Sniper Elite 4's online trophies can be done in a week or 2 if you're playing with someone who knows what they're doing. Burnout Paradise's online trophies will take a week at most if you do them legit but can probably be done in 2 or 3 days if you have a dedicated boosting group.


No Man's Sky has a single online only trophy, that will take about 3hrs to get if starting a new game from scratch but can be boosted in 5mins or less if you have a friend handy who has a base already built. If doing this legit, you don't need PS Plus but you will need it if you decide to boost it.

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