Rondo of Blood: Is there a way to get more lives per stage?

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It is very frustrating to have to begin the stage all the waaaaaaaay over again after losing the three lives (rests). Is there anyway to save game or get more lives? I think this game is very cheap and they should have included a saving feature just as in Castlevania Anniversary Collection.


Anyway the fantastic trophy guide by angelbless states this:

  • Unlimited lives”: Each 20,000 points you earn will grant you 1 life. So, if you are struggling with the game and need a couple (or hundreds), reach the Clock Tower with Maria and use the turtle spell to create a shield around you while leaving your game on for a while. Ghosts will fly to you and die without harming you during the process, allowing you to earn some points that will later become lives!


Can anyway elaborate on that? You have to farm the score points, beat the clock tower level (stage 7) and then you have lotsa lives for the other levels too? I don't understand it very well, would appreaciate it it someone could explain it or elaborate on it. The ingame information is ZERO about EVERYTHING. I don't really know anything about the use of money or score points in the game or if you have to finish the level to actually get the money you obtained/farmed in the main menu. 


Aside for that, any tip about easily beating this cheap game aside from jumping around with Maria would be VERY welcome indeed.


Thank you all and Cheers!



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