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Forsaken Exotics in Exotic Archive


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On 2/11/21 at 0:07 PM, GUDGER666 said:

It says Forsaken Exotics, they are all weapons but only 1 of them are listed in trophy requirements. Do these count or is it it just misleading? 


The one exotic rarity weapon you’re referring to is the Ace Of Spades (a.k.a. the best Hand Cannon for PvP/Crucible matches) and is the only exotic rarity item tied to the Forsaken DLC that’s available at the Exotics Archive, counting towards the Exotique trophy.


Everything else available the Exotics Archive consists of content from launch (Red War), other DLC/expansions (Curse Of Osiris, Warmind, Shadowkeep, Beyond Light etc.) and previous/ongoing seasons. All of this can be ignored unless you’re grinding for the Fashion Statement trophy and there’s gear available needing to be collected for a collection badge of your choice. I know I first started Destiny 2 back in October 2019 (when the game went F2P), stopped playing January 2020 then just recently I came back to auto-pop my trophies for PS5 to unexpectedly get back into the game again to finish off some remaining trophies of interest. Right now I’m very close to gathering enough resources to acquire Redrix’s Broadsword (Forsaken Pulse Rifle, legendary rarity), the last item I need for the “Forged in Fire” collections badge. Previously I had to complete a quest for this weapon but I didn’t have the energy for such a grind, good thing that quest has since been shelved so now I can claim Redrix’s Broadsword from the Exotic Archives for 150,000 Glimmer, 250 Legendary Shards, 7 Enhancement Prisms and 2 Ascendant Shards. If anyone’s interested, just reach a certain rank for Crucible, Gambit and Vanguard through normal gameplay means to get the right rewards. You can also trade with the Gunsmith at the Tower (Banshee-44) for resources if need be.


EDIT: Fashion Statement trophy unlocked! Do note that it didn’t unlock for me upon collecting Redrix’s Broadsword (and with that, completing the Forged in Fire badge) but did so upon exiting the Tower.

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