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MyTeam Rare Trophies


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Hello everyone!

I have doubts about some MyTeam trophies and I was wondering if anyone could help me out:


1. Somewhere Over The... : Catch the Unicorn

I know that I need to get the Unicorn Ball as a collection reward, but, in this collection, there is a "disco ball" that I can't find anywhere. Where it is?


2. My Precious : Obtain an Original Owner Holo card

What is the best strategy to get this trophy? Do I have to buy cheap packs as possible when i have enough money (like standard packs)?


3. Gemologist : Collect a player card of every gem color in MyTEAM

The Dark Matter cards (after GO cards) will count for this trophy?


I'm sorry if these are obvious questions but I skipped Nba 2k21, so I don't know any updates since 2k20.


Thank you all in advance!



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