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Some Trophy notes


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This could've been an absolutely brutal plat if it had required 100%, but, no, you don't even need to get close. You don't even have to beat the game on Knightmare (they may have meant 'Nightmare').


Anyway, let's look at the Trophies.



--- Pieris, Pelopidas, Polygonia, Parantica, Papilio ---


You get these for beating the game, either on Etude mode or Nocturne mode. These are the only two available initially. Etude is referred to as 'Super Easy Mode,' which is quite accurate.


--- Saturniidae, Attacus Atlas, Coscinocera ---


To get these, you need to get 10 Hourglass Mystics. You'll get an Hourglass Mystic if you activate all the checkpoints in a level without dying and without letting the Hourglass Protection time run out.


When you activate a checkpoint for the first time, it gives you Hourglass Protection (indicated by the blue bar in the top left) for a limited period of time, during which dying won't cost you a life. Some torches drop little hourglasses that will extend the protection time.


--- Birdwing, Alexandra, Goliath ---


To get these, you have to find all the hidden Wealth Mystics in 10 levels.


--- Scales of x ---


You get these for getting the 12 Zodiac Mystics. The Zodiac Mystic appears in the spot where you see a fuzzy blue light. To make it appear, you have to kill all the pumpkin enemies in that area.


--- Grass Yellow ---


You'll get this for getting all three Grimore [sic] Mystics from the final boss. You'll get them by ending a phase before the timer in the top right runs out.


--- Swallowtail ---


Beat the target speedrun time in any level.


--- Phalaenopsis ---


Take the lower exit at the end of 3-2. You can't get this one in Time Attack mode, so try not to miss it.


--- Glacial Apollo ---


Beat a boss with no damage.


--- Peonies ---


Eat a turkey you found inside a wall.


--- Ypthima ---


Beat Overture Mode. After beating the game for the first time, start a new game and you'll unlock the male voice (you can switch back to the female voice in the Config - it's the 'Default / Breaking' thing). This also unlocks the Himitsu no Shoutaijou (Secret Invitation) in the shop. Buy it for 1000 G and you can then choose Overture when you start a new game.


Beating Overture is the hardest thing you have to do for the Plat. Overture certainly has the usual tricky platforming action, but it also places a heavy emphasis on key puzzles (that you can easily mess up in a way that prevents you from completing the level). If you don't feel like figuring them out yourself, I put videos of these levels on YouTube.




The game trolls you pretty hard. You *will* need some perseverance. At least the checkpoints are frequent.


If you find yourself stuck, there's probably something you need to destroy with your charge attack.


You should definitely change the button configs so that Square is attack and X is jump.


You'll want to buy more extra lives in the shop (and maybe some other stuff). The shop has two columns of items. On the right, there are the spare keys (which are indeed consumed when used), but you can't use those in Overture. The stuff on the left is:


1. HP up
2. Extra life - 100 G each
3. Attack power up
4. Reduce knockback
5. Hourglass Protection time up
6. More Rewind time
7. Lockmaster
8. Secret Invitation


If you buy 99 extra lives, you'll get infinite lives.


A good way to farm money is doing Etude 1-B, which is a quick, short level with a money bag (worth 100 G) at the end.


Reaching a level in normal mode unlocks the level in Time Attack mode. You can get Mystics and Trophies in Time Attack mode as well, although you can't use any Chronushop abilities. You can see all the Mystics you've gotten on the Time Attack level select screen.


To unlock Lockmaster and Fortune Cookie in the shop, you need to take the alternate exit in 3B in Time Attack mode.


The brief intro level teaches you most of the moves you have at your disposal. When you're holding a charge attack, you'll fall a little slower in the air, so it lets you do longer jumps. You can also extend the reach of your normal attack by holding forward. Then there's the mid-air recovery that you can do by pressing Jump after a hit. There's no hidden wall jump or anything like that. 

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Couple of questions; one, could you provide more detail on how to unlock the bottom exit of 3B? I’ve bought the White Key (two of them now, in fact) but they do not show on my “Keys” tab on any of my save files, and the door won’t open. Second, you say you have videos of Overture mode solutions, but I’m having difficulty finding them. The only SZ video I could find from you was a Knightmare mode playthrough for the final boss. Could you provide links?


EDIT: Figured out how to open the door (and use extra keys in general.) If you stand next to a door and have a spare key that suits it, a prompt will appear in the bottom left. Uncertain how I missed it. But it will tell you to press down to use a “spair” key; hold it down in front of the door in question and it’ll unlock.


EDIT #2: Found links for Overture 1, Overture 2, and Overture 4. Still can’t find 3 or 5 (if there is a 5.)

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