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So I didn't really focus much on cooking the first year as I was just trying to gather as many ingredients as possible and get my animal heart levels up. Come year 2 and I look to get a Mayonnaise (L) recipe to trade with Lou which can only be inspired by using Good Egg 13 times in dishes. However by this time my chickens have been producing excellent eggs for a while. Selecting "Lowest quality ingredients" uses regular eggs, while "highest quality ingredients" uses excellent eggs. Has anyone found any way to select good eggs without burning through either all my regular eggs or excellent eggs? If there is not a way, my advice would be to make sure to unlock the inspiration recipes that require a mid tier ingredient while your animals are still producing that tier! That would have saved me from what looks to be a bit of a headache unless there is a solution.


Edit: Just in case any one else runs into this, Mayonnaise (M) recipe uses good eggs specifically and solved the issue. Still might recommend doing the inspirations and recipes as they come up though, if the issue had been with say large milks instead of good eggs, there would have been no other solution than to burn through all of the higher or lower tier milks.  Not the end of the world, but hey why not avoid the annoyance if you can. 

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