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Question regarding trophy progression

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I have a question regarding how the playthrough trophies are tracked.


Does each playthrough related trophy need to be done in one sitting. For example, beating the game with 'x' character. Do you need to start explicitly from the first stage with each character all the way to the end without backing out of the game/going to the main menu or do they just need to have each simply beaten every stage once.


There's no option to 'continue', only to select previously unlocked levels so I was unsure how the game treats taking breaks in regards to trophies. Also, once a stage is unlocked for one character it unlocks for everyone.


Same question regarding hardcore and no-death playthroughs. Does it track stage by stage or does it specifically need to be one continuous unbroken playthrough.


I know the game isn't particularly long so it's not like finishing some bloated AAA title in one sitting but it would be helpful to know that if I don't have time to commit to a full run then not to start one at that point or it would be all for nothing. xD


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