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Unlocked Trophies Early?

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A little confused. I read before certain trophies can unlock early or late because they’re glitched in a weird way, so I assume this is all it is.


I unlocked The Doctor early. I was in the middle of Chapter 14, and The Spy did not pop when it was supposed to. I saw I missed a few collectibles, so I went back to Chapter Select, chose Chapter 6, and proceeded to get the snapshots of a few I missed (The Spy popped here along with a few other collection trophies too).


However, as I continued with the rest of the chapter to hit a checkpoint, I saved Abbas again (had successfully done this once the first time I played the chapter). The trophy unexpectedly popped for me, and it seems it wasn’t supposed to until Chapter 16.


Is this game just a buggy mess like this? I was worried about time stamps. In the trophy guide here it mentions in Step 2 about Chapter Select easily allowing you to go back and pick another choice if you’re after a certain trophy (so I’m ASSUMING this is fine the order they popped, I just wanted to be sure).



Yeah, the game seems to work like this. I just continued on with Chapter 14. I picked up a cassette I already had in this chapter and the trophy for gathering all tapes just popped for me early too. After looking at photos and objects in the office I hadn’t looked at yet, Story Master ALSO popped for me.



It’s pointed out in this thread by dakk55 that trophies can unlock early, for nearly every collectible. Please disregard my post.


I just completed my Platinum. I was a little worried that the trophy pop order would screw things up, but I had no issues as it turned out.


For anyone worried about trophies popping out of order, don’t worry! It does not seem to affect the Platinum at all.



Reached out to CRT for confirmation about trophies being out of order. All is well, no further assistance required. Closing thread.

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