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Nobody is joining my SOS request


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45 minutes ago, BlackSnake1435 said:

should I boost the trophies with somebody else?

This seems like your best bet.


If you go to the PSNP home page and click the “Sessions” link in the top right corner, you can set up a boosting session for this game in a matter of minutes. It’s a very quick & easy process and you should have more luck than waiting for randoms in game to join you.


If you use Reddit, I would also suggest checking out the r/MonsterHunterWorld subreddit and make a thread asking for help. I find the dedicated subs for games to be extremely helpful for stuff like this, as there’s an active community of passionate players who are usually very willing to help out with stuff like this.


With the above resources you should hopefully be able to find a partner or partners quickly and without too much hassle. Hope that is useful to you. Good luck!

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most people who still playing dont cares the crowns or they got the plat already. If they need it they would more like to solo cos that is faster. I still there helping new players out to pass their main quests but not joining easy scenarios anymore. I agreed you can find someone here who needs them and boost together if you cant solo.

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Sadly the player base of this game is very low now especially for low/high rank so you won't find help on SOS and if you do whoever joining probably needs the help more than you and will make your quest harder .

Try to use light bow gun with sticky build its fool proof and can kill even the 5 eleder dragon that you need for the trophy in about 10 min solo .

And remeber Lunastra and deviljho both not required for the base game platinum and you can get most monster in the event quest with higher chance for gold crowns just kill the mosnter that you want and return to base after no need to kill the 4 or 3 remaining monster 

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