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Pretty Odd Bunny Trophy / Achievement Guide - PART 1 Bunny Town (All coins, All Extra Levels)


Hello trophy hunters and welcome to Pretty Odd Bunny. Game costs 5$, comes out 10.11.2021. and it is going to be a crossbuy. We are getting 4 stacks in total. In order to get the platinum we will need to play first two areas – Bunny Town & Undergorund. I am working on Underground and guide will be up tonight. If you follow me in part 1 you will end up having 57% of the game, collect all coins for bunny town and get l extra level trophies + find a secret coin on level 25.


Collectibles in this game are coins with bacon. First tutorial levels dont have coins, then every level has 1 coin, except level 25 (last). He has 2, one of it is secret and has a trophy related to it. If you pick up a coin and die or get caught, the coin stays with you so you can immediately after that easily finish the level.


You finish the level when you eat a pig. Sometimes pig will appear much sooner than coin, dont eat it because you will avoid the coin. But dont worry since there is always a level select. Some levels are pretty easy, some are little bit tougher. You are alergic to carrots so you need to find a way to avoid them. Also you will see hunter hunting for rabbit with carrot which you also need to avoid. On level 25 we need to turn on 2 switches to be able to fly. Once you can fly you can get the ending and secret coin. When you have all coins( secret one is not needed for extra levels) you can access the extra levels.


You can acces them in main menu by pressing square button on grandma. She will then unlock 2 extra modes. One is when you need to outrun chefs and the second one is with timer. Both award you with trophy when picking up all bacons.


Trophy stamps:

00:20 No turning back now

01:32 Lost coin!

08:11 Watch out for the axe

09:44 Coin collector

19:30 Coin Maniac

23:02 Bacon specialist

24:06 Bacon lover

24:59 Make him fly!



00:00 Level 0

00:24 Level 1

00:33 Level 2

00:45 Level 3

01:01 Level 4

01:58 Level 5

02:39 Level 6

03:43 Level 7

04:47 Level 8

05:26 Level 9

06:12 Level 10

07:10 Level 11

08:15 Level 12

09:29 Level 13

10:17 Level 14

11:22 Level 15

11:58 Level 16

13:10 Level 17

14:21 Level 18

15:11 Level 29

16:01 Level 20

16:39 Level 21

17:24 Level 22

17:25 Level 23

18:05 Level 24

18:58 Level 25 - LAST COIN

20:38 Level 25 Walkthrough

23:28 Extra level 2 Walkthrough

24:08 Extra level 1 walkthrough

25:23 Secret coin on level 25




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