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Play It Again, Colt - Trophy "glitch"


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Hey guys,


(potential spoiler below)


just want to give some advice for this trophy, due to many discussions on reddit and so on, about it being buggy or glitched.

After ending my first playthrough and after completing the first map in the next loop; no trophy for me.

So I replayed the entire questline "Ending It", which maybe took 45 minutes or so... This time I "correctly" ("intended" might be the better term) ended the loop by completing the "Ending It" questline.

After finishing the first map in the next loop (Karl's Bay - Morning) the trophy popped (don't foget to sabotage Frank's container - choice: something with flaps).


Hope this helps :)

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Hi guys,


After trying for many hours, I finally managed to get the trophy (and the platinum) myself. I can confirm that (at least for me) it requires the following:

1. The whole Ending It playthrough (kill all visionaries, shoot Julianna and jump off myself)

2. Start a new loop and go to Karls bay morning and kill Harriet and sabotage the fireworks and leave the map

3. Skip noon and afternoon (I actually closed the game after Karls bay morning, as it was part of another failed try yesterday, and restarted the game at noon today)

4. Go to Karls bay evening and wait for Frank to die from the fireworks

5. Leave the map and trophy popped


Hopefully this will work for you guys as well. I guess I have never been this frustrated about a bronze trophy. Stupid way to end such an amazing game.

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