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How Do You Define A " Gamer"?


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I think anyone who plays and enjoy any sort of video game is a gamer. From the person with a large game and console collection spanning multiple generations, to the guy who plays games simply for the next CoD, they're both gamers to me. 




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To me a True gamer is someone with a passion for games ... someone who does not stick to a specific type of a game someone who will play a RPG game just as much as they would play a FPS ... someone who doesn't play just because of graphics or just because its popular.. someone who is willing to go out and buy a game for an old system because its a classic... someone who doesn't stick to one console and realizes every system has  great exclusives... a gamer is someone who truly loves games.


 i see a lot of people saying that if you simply play a game you are a gamer and i have to disagree ... i cook food but that does not make me a chief i can fix my car but i am not a mechanic i can fix my house but i am not a contractor

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I heard someone say "If you picked up a pencil and drew a line, then you can call yourself an artist". Or something along those lines. In a similar way, I'd say if you picked up a controller, and made a character move, then you can call yourself a gamer. 


Whether you'd want to do that is another question 😁.

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