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ūüŹÜ¬†Trophy Hunting Accomplishments¬†ūüŹÜ ¬† ¬† I mainly trophy hunt¬†by series Collecting all platinums / 100% trophies in games based on their franchise, developer or genre. Collecting all platinums / 100% trophies in categories like "all mainline series entries" or "all series entries on PS4 and beyond" etc. There's a big distinction between having all trophies and all platinums. All trophies is more hardcore because it includes DLC and 100% on games without platinums. I divide it up into 4 tiers: Tier 1: 100% Series Complete Every trophy for every game in the series including all system stacks. Tier 2: All Trophies in a Category Every trophy for a specified category within the series. Tier 3: All Platinums in a Series/Category Platinum trophies¬†for most/all games in the series or category. Can also include the hardest trophy in a game with no platinum if you have 100%. Tier 4: Multiple Platinums in a Series 3+ platinums in the series. Can also include the hardest trophy in a game with no platinum if you have 100%. ¬† Who is Rebourne07? I am mostly known for being "that guy with all Final Fantasy trophies"¬†from a few gaming articles and YouTube videos. I have been trophy hunting since early 2011. I am a Software Engineer with a wife and¬†3 children. I trophy hunt by series, but not exclusively. I'll play anything that looks fun. I will update these pictures/series/descriptions as I get new platinums/trophies and I'll add a comment each time saying what I updated. I do system stacks, but do not do region stacks of any kind. I do not play games outside of my own region (NA). Please don't comment that I'm missing something from a different region. ¬† Series/Categories ¬† Challenges ¬† If you like what you see: Please comment which of the series I've hunted is your favorite and why so we can discuss! Please comment which series I haven't hunted that you think I should, which tier I should hunt it at¬†and why. I'm actively looking to add to this list. Follow the checklist for updates
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