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Why we don't have FFI-VI on PSN with Trophies? Will we ever have them?


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It always been a dream of mine being able to play the classic FF games with trophy support, and I'm so jealous Steam has them, which makes me wonder why they don't release on PSN if they already have achievements done and are from SE. Steam achievements are nonexistent to me, I play mostly eroge since I review these kind of games, and the only multiplatform I play there are ones I'm interested in using mods, and that's after I beat them on PSN. Besides having 0 interest on Steam achievements it's just annoying having the franchise split like this when there is no reason to not releasing them on PSN.


So is there any reason for this? I'll assume is not because a silly reason such as these were originally Nintendo releases, as this happened with more games that later were on PSN, such as No More Heroes. Do you guys think we'll ever see the first 6 FFs on PSN? I've played them several times, especially IV and VI, and V because of the amazing job system. But been a few years since I played any of these and already feel like playing them again, and doing it on PSN with trophies would be everything I could ask.

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I had a look at the Pixel Remasters recently, and I feel like there's at least some chance we see these on PS4 at some point. For now I'd say to start paying close attention after FF6 comes out, because it could be that they want to get all the games out first before bringing them to consoles, and that's probably when we really find out whether we're getting these games or not. 

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Give SE enough time and they will, once they are done milking FF7-15 for all they're worth. The fact is, the more recent games are easier to milk and have better brand recognition among modern gamers than the original six games do. Pixel Art renditions of some of the earlier games have now been released for PC and mobile devices so it's likely they will make their way to the newer consoles but only time will tell.

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