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How is plat so common?


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59 minutes ago, DrBloodmoney said:

Super Meat Boy is an old game, very famous, was included for free in PS+, and has a very eye-catching store image, so it’s rarity benefits from a huge influx of players who have no interest in trophies or completion.


It's still an incredibly difficult game especially if you're not well versed in platformers. Also, we need to take into consideration that Super Meat Boy was initially released back in 2010 on Steam and Xbox 360. PlayStation wouldn't get the game until five years later.


I also wouldn't put Dead Dungeon in the same category as Super Meat Boy @leonhardyhardy. A better comparison is The End is Nigh, which most certainly has very misleading statistics, and Super Rude Bear Resurrection, a very obscure platformer that is incredibly challenging, also with misleading statistics.


PS+ will always lead to lower trophy rarity values, regardless of the game. It paints a very inaccurate picture of the actual difficulty and length of the games themselves, therefore the entire argument of rarity equaling difficulty is completely useless.

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On 11/20/2021 at 3:20 AM, DrBloodmoney said:

I haven’t played either, but from a statistical point of view, you can’t use rarity as a gauge of difficulty - particularly when comparing a game that has nearly 230,000 owners, to one with only around 300.


Super Meat Boy is an old game, very famous, was included for free in PS+, and has a very eye-catching store image, so it’s rarity benefits from a huge influx of players who have no interest in trophies or completion.


Dead Dungeon, on the other hand, is newer, far less well known or regarded, has never been ‘free’, and is likely only being played by people actively seeking out games to platinum - so even if it’s difficult, the player base is completely different. (Look at things like Sekiro, for examples of very tricky games with high rarity platinums - or look at games like Invisible Inc, for example of not terribly hard games, who’s rarity is artificially lowered by inclusion in PS+)


In the end, rarity isn’t really a measure of difficulty anyways, but until a game has a large enough player base, using rarity as even a guide to difficulty is impossible.


Remember - Super Meat Boy may be difficult, (I’m sure it is,) but it still has nearly double the number of platinum achievers than Dead Dungeon has owners… so I don’t think there is any reasonable statistical comparison.


I just platinummed this yesterday and by degree of technical difficulty is one of the hardest platinums I've ever achieved.So many of the actions, such as the jumps have to not only be timed perfectly, but the button "x" even has to be pressed perfectly. If you push X too hard or too long your character jumps too high/far. This game was brutal, I reached the 1000th death trophy somewhere in the 20s. All in all, it just took extreme patience and perservence. The levels themselves were only about 20 seconds in length, and you're meant to die many times before completing a level. I'd be scared to see my game time because there were a few levels (level 39, level 42) where it felt like i was stuck on them for about an hour each. Level 49 was also very difficult. All in all Idk, it probably too me more than the recommended/advised 4-6 hours to complete, but if you just have extreme patience you'll get it. Nothing is impossible, although it did feel like multiple of the levels came down to "luck"

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This game is made so you don't survive the level.


Some level seems easy, and the slight mistake kill you.

Some seems complexe, and they are.


I better understand the protagonist in "all you need is kill", it's many rince and repeat.

Each time you die, you learn and try to not make the same mistake.

Try again, and again until you finish the level.


Fortunately, the artefact looted is keept even if you die.

For the donut, you need to get it and complete the level to keep it.


If you have difficulty to finish the 2 secrets levels, know you just need to get the collectibles inside. You don't need to finish them.


Good luck :)

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