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Cannot get 'Voice of the People' to unlock.

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UPDATE: Solved. You need to heal the wounded refugee, as well as the below.


I have


given the photo to the Envoy


at the end of 'The Muse From Abroad' but it didn't unlock, I've tried it 2-3 times, and...nothing. Playing on Xbox, although that shouldn't matter. Anyone else had issues with this one? I have a save from the start of the case, but it is around 2 hours long, so hope I do not have to replay it.

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On 23/11/2021 at 1:44 PM, joertjeuhn said:

Use the guide from Powerpyx for that case. There are 2 requirements for that trophy.


I got the achievement in the end, at the time, it just said to choose X person. In fact, it was me who gave the heads up on PowerPyx to heal the wounded refugee after testing. Pretty sure its required for this achievement, haven't spoken to anyone who popped it who didn't go for that choice.


8 hours ago, fLuFfY-fEeT said:

I think you have to heal the wounded refugee in the camp and maybe you have to find out some things about the camp, after hearing the gossip of two policemen. This two things are helping the refugees two, so it could be part of the trophy.

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There's actually three steps to this. Heal the refugee, pass Jon's challenge before exiting the camp, then give the letter to the envoy. I healed the sick refugee and gave the letter to the envoy, but learned that you need to pass Jon's challenge the hard way.

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