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Does anyone know of a good Guide for this game?


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3 hours ago, peffsi said:

I haven't found an actual trophy guide for this game, but this general guide is the one I use the most:


I haven't gotten far enough in the game to be sure (I just got to Fall for the first time, and then got distracted by different games), but I think this is all you need to know:

- The "Easy Money Making" section will probably be really helpful. You can use money to just buy the materials you need. (Though you need to unlock the materials by upgrading tools first - I think for example, you need to upgrade one tool to Iron level before iron becomes available to buy). 

- Mining is important to upgrade tools and expand your farm. You can cheese the mining system by save-scumming. Basically, the layout of the floor you're on will not change once you're there. So you could save when you enter the mine, dig around until you find the rope to the next floor, then reload and go straight to the rope without wasting stamina. Do the same thing to, say, locate all of the iron spots if you're looking for iron.

- You only need to upgrade the pick to at least silver level. Also upgrade the fishing rod 1 time so you can catch large fish (I think you only need to catch 1 marlin for the story). I think you can skip the axe if you're able to buy hard wood. You can safely ignore all the farming tools & the hammer.

- I think you only need to build Roomy House (unlock cooking), Roomy Shed (calves/lambs can be born), Roomy Chicken Coop (eggs can hatch), and Horse Stable (unlocks horses).

- Just for trophy purposes, you don't need to do that much farming. Mostly just need to grow 50% of the crops to get Human Locomotive. (I'm pretty sure this means you just need to grow or ship one each of half the crops in the game)

- It's important to raise everybody's affection levels to 5 hearts (Harmon and Ravi need to be at 6, the guide is wrong about that) because it unlocks trophy-related story events. The guide tells you the best gifts (some are very cheap or easy to forage), and also just talking to each person once a day will give you affection points.

- The only storyline you need to complete is "Big Tree".

- Be careful with "The Cave" storyline, there is a choice you need to make at the end that could result in a missable trophy. I'm not sure if it is possible to re-do the choice with the What If box.

- The max is 10 hearts per person, but you don't need to go that far unless you really want to see more story stuff.


My apologies if any of this is inaccurate. I'll come back and edit this post as I get closer to the platinum.



Thank you for the info, it will come in handy :).

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can anyone tell me how long it takes for the cows and sheep to give birth? Also does sleeping as soon as you wake up affect that gestation period?                                                                            NVM its 4 weeks and the sheep are 2 and sleeping to progress days works.

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