100% save from PS4 does not bring DLC regions

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hi, I bought the deal for Nioh 1 and Nioh 2 so I thought I will auto pop trophies.
I had 100% completion on PS4 and transfered save, things autopoped and there were few things to do to get plat.
But now I wanted to get DLC trophies and I noticed on PS5 all the DLC regions are not completed like I would never play them. Is there anything I can do or do I have to play through all the missions again? I hope not




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OK if anyone gets this in future. I actually had to go back to my PS4, delete save in cloud. and upload the one I had on console drive (for some that want to comment I checked dates were same so it is not that I didn't uploaded save to cloud, I actually always upload after I achieve platinum) anyway, had to go to PS then and I started PS4 version there downloaded save and uploaded using the in game cross save thingy again to cloud. Then on PS5 version used same cross save function in game and downloaded save. Trophies started poping immediately without me loading into game. Destroyer of demons poped too no problem.



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