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Godfall, Mortal Shell, LEGO DC Super Villains are December's PS+ Games


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I already played Mortal Shell and enjoyed it (skipped the dumb rogue-like dlc, though). 

I've been kind of interested in Godfall because I like crunchy melee combat. 

Lego games are all the same, and I sort of swore them off, but I haven't played Supervillains so if it's free, eh, maybe.


The copious DLC is a turn off, but if it's reasonably priced I don't usually mind paying for it since I got the game "free". 


We will see once we find out if this is even true, I guess.

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This is definitely true...why? Because of course I literally just bought Godfall last Friday when Black Friday deals started...it hasn't even arrived yet. But now I have to wonder about this "Champions Edition"...I wonder if it's some kind of PS+ Edition kind of thing and it locks you out of something from the full game?


LEGO DC Super-Villains I have the plat for already, it was decent.

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This has given me the motivation I need to finish my 3 Godfall guides before December if true. It’s really not the worst game, but yes very mid compared to other looter type games. It is visually gorgeous and runs very smooth on PS5.

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Glad to have another nice co-op game included, although the Lego game looks very grindy with the sheer amount of collectibles.  Is most of the time just following collectible guides?


Does the plat ruin the overall fun of the game, or is it actually that easy?  A little worried I'll be following all these guides and ruin my wife's fun with it as well. 


Apparently it's been 16 years since I've played a lego game with the original star wars one on PS2.

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29 minutes ago, djb5f said:

If they limit to games that don’t have DLC, that would be a very limited offering they could choose from.


That's true. Perhaps publishers should stop trying to milk every damn game with add-ons and just give us a complete product from day one.

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