BUYER BEWARE! (I wouldn't buy if you're looking for an actual casino kind of games)

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I bought this yesterday while looking through the Vita Store.. I was craving a casino game.

Should have done my research and first watched the gameplay on Youtube.. Instead of just looking on PSNP to see if there's any online trophies. 


First off.. the most horrible thing about this game is the use of the sixaxis controls.. The games that uses it is skeeball and darts.. WHY IS THERE EVEN SKEEBALL AND DARTS IN A CASINO GAME... 

Then it's still active in everything else. Would have been nice if you had the option to turn it off and use only the thumbstick.. 


The trophy list is OK, expected some of them to be annoying cause it's a based on luck kind of games. 



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The title seems a little... over the top in my opinion. Perhaps the phrase "Buyer Beware" might be a more fitting title. Just my 2 cents, but I haven't played the game personally, so I can't say anything on the game itself but I do own the game, so I can easily check it out for myself if I wanted to. 


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